Eat what you enjoy with permission while having a plan

Nutrition coaching will help you learn how to eat the foods you LOVE and no longer fear emotional eating.Nutrition coaching helps you embrace your favorite foods without fear, and conquer emotional eating habits.

It’s hard to know what is the “right” way to eat these days. And even harder trying to figure out HOW to make healthy changes that stick!

But, I want you to imagine feeling comfortable around food, without constantly trying to eat less.

Or feeling confident in eating habits that are satisfying and sustainable.

AND what it would feel like to raise your kids in a diet free environment that feels good to you and to them.

This is exactly what my clients achieve when working with me! They learn how to break down the barriers that diet culture has placed on them in order to break free with full permission.

nutrition coaching

Personalized, 1:1 nutrition and group coaching with a Registered Dietitian

Kind words from clients

“I had been living with my eating disorder for so long that ‘normal’ eating felt unachievable to me, even when I felt in control of my ED thoughts. Natalie helped me to learn to trust myself and be comfortable around food in a way I never had been before. I never knew how natural and easy normal eating could feel! I am so grateful to Natalie for getting me to the place I am now”



Hi, I’m Natalie

I am a dietitian who loves coaching people to eat with permission using Ellyn Satter models. I am an affiliate with the Ellyn Satter Institute and a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor.

My mission is to help people with their eating concerns and to help parents feed their families so that eating feels authentic and safe.

Food and weight concerns are at the core of my work as a result of working in the eating disorder recovery field. The freedom I felt after learning how to eat by trusting myself fueled a passion for helping others. Click here to learn more about my approach.


Permission to ENJOY what you eat as part of a healthy and balanced life

Permission to TRUST your body when you provide balanced meals and snacks consistently

Permission to be COMPETENT in your relationship with feeding and eating


What my clients are saying

Working with Natalie has been an eye-opening and life-enhancing experience.

I was at a place in my eating disorder recovery where I knew I wanted more healing with my relationship with food but wasn’t sure how to get there.

I have never known what my hunger/fullness cues are, I have desperately wanted to feel comfortable around food, whether eating alone or with others but had no idea what my next step was to achieve those.

Natalie has been a constant, caring guide throughout the process.Happy Client

Natalie has helped me learn new ways of speaking to myself about food and in turn, that helps me speak differently to the children in my life about food.

I refuse to be another voice in their heads saying “That is a bad food” or “If I eat, I will never stop eating.”

We were born knowing and trusting our hunger cues and I am committed to not only relearning mine, but to never being a part of someone ignoring their own cues.

Working with Natalie is helping me to not only relearn and retrust myself, but educating me so I can speak appropriately and helpfully to younger generations.

Happy Client

Ready to give yourself permission?