A letter from Ashley

Ashley Barnes Dietitian Nutritionist

Hello! I am Ashley Barnes a Registered Dietitian located in Minneapolis, MN where I have lived with my husband and 3 young children for the past 8 years.

I am very grateful to have been invited to work alongside Natalie at Eat with Permission this year. Natalie and I worked together in WI prior to my relocation to MN and our paths crossed again while participating in the Ellyn Satter Affiliate program in 2021.

Upon graduating from the Ellyn Satter Affiliate program I knew I wanted to train in her Feeding with Love and Good Sense program with the dream of someday being able to walk alongside caregivers, including parents, teachers, childcare educators, and community leaders as they nourish feeding relationships with children.

I am in my 14th year working as a Registered Dietitian in the eating disorder treatment community and while I will continue this work, I am happily anticipating this new opportunity.

I am excited to begin partnering with caregivers and communities in MN and WI through Permission Dietitian to establish a positive feeding relationship using the Satter Division of Responsibility (sDOR) in feeding. sDOR is a trust-based model which guides caregivers to preserve the inborn eating capabilities of children while at the same time providing leadership with feeding to aid children in growing into eating competent adults. sDOR offers guidance on the roles that both children and caregivers maintain in the feeding relationship.

Our partnership will be built on the principles of weight and food neutrality, trusting children to eat and grow in the way that is right for their body and advocating for positive feeding relationship for all children.

If you are hungry for more join me in nourishing your feeding relationship at Eatwithpermission.com!

Warmly, Ashley Barnes